About Me

I like working with different materials. Different materials lead to different solutions. Different materials make you think differently. So my work is varied.

I work in oils outside in the sun and wind...and paint landscapes.

In the printmaking studio I work abstractly with monotype and create detailed creatures with etchings.

I work abstractly in black and white with yupo and ink.

I look forward to the days when I find myself moving things around without really knowing what's happening. I always marvel at writers who describe their characters taking on a life of their own...how they don't know where a story is going. I feel much the same about making pictures. It's a crapshoot. When it's going well it's great...much of the time it sucks...a slog through mud. But the days when it 'happens' are spectacular and keep me going.

Boston Voyager Interview: Art and Life with Ann Saunderson